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Different Weight Options for Automation Rules

When trying to set up automations, I'm having to do extra math (with Google's help of course ) because there's currently not an option to set up automations with pounds, only ounces. It would be awesome if you could adjust weights in pounds and not ...

Add the description field in the automation rules

Currently I receive orders, in those orders there are articles that have the description "Pre-order item"I was creating an automation rule, in which the description field of each article can be read.But that field is not there, could it be implemente...

billy by New Contributor
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Processing Orders Tab

I think it would be really useful to have an processing orders tab I own a printing company and we use the shipping label / Packaging slip as a works order to create the products. Currently we need to ship the item before its even made in order to ge...

Adding a new store without showing other stores

We would like to give our clients one-time access to Shipstation just to integrate their stores with our SS account. For example, one needs to be logged into Shopify store admin account in order to approve SS-Shopify integration. If a store owner doe...

Order Cancellation

When a user cancels an order in Shipstation, Shipstation should call the endpoint setup in the selling channel just like it does when a tracking number is available and pass order status cancelled. This should be a very easy mod for Shipstation devel...

yhou812 by New Contributor
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DO NOT SAFE DROP (Canada Post Only)

Up to a few months ago we could make an Automation Rule for "DO NOT SAFE DROP (Canada Post Only)" but now this has been taken out of the menu. "DO NOT SAFE DROP (Canada Post Only)" is an extremely important automation rule for us and it is such a pai...

CanadaEH by First-timer
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What a ridiculous arrangement. Paying for LTL freight services thru They are incompetent and unreachable. I spent 3 hours plus today working with my bank, shipstation (who frankly adds nothing to this party), and Seko logistics (the only ...

Lumina by First-timer
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If I click down button on 1 lb make it go to 15oz

I think it would be very helpful when clicking the down button for lbs that it goes from1 lb to 0 lbs 15 oz.Just makes sense right?you roll up and over to 1 lb going up from oz .. so why not going back down?Otherwise you are mixing button philosophie...

Ojhurst by First-timer
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Shipping to Jersey

ShipStation is no longer allowing us to send Parcels to Jersey via ParcelForce. We can use myHermes for smaller Parcels but for larger orders we need a different carrier. I have been informed that this is because the country code is JJ in ParcelForce...

How About Being Able to Print RMAs...?

Seems like such a simple and important feature if you're going to offer Return Shipping within ShipStation, yet I can only generate labels to send to my customers and not return packing slips or RMAs for the people working at the front desk to quickl...

US to Canada currency

Hello, It would be great if able to update the currency in relation to the store/country order is going to. For example, our seller central Canada store, is bringing in the price of a product as USD when it is actually in CAD. From here it is going o...

eBay Sales Tax

Is there anyway we can stop the sales tax from our ebay store coming into our orders. eBay collects all the taxes and is situated on their end. We are then getting the taxes being shown in our quickbooks, which we don't need, because eBay already col...

SpeedEng by First-timer
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Creation of Processed Package Count by Employee Report?

Can a productivity metric measurement that would show management how many individual packages an employee has processed over a specified length of time, such as day, week, month, custom range, etc. be created? Right now, the most granular available r...

Feature Request - Add LabelData to Shipments API

Currently the ShipStation API will only return label data when the label is created (POST /shipments/createlabel). It would be very useful for us to be able to pull the label data through the list shipments endpoint (GET /shipments). As this will inc...

cit_dev by New Contributor
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Feature Request - ability to manually update delivery status

Some carriers do not appear to have a standard method of updating the delivery status of a shipment. Case in point, Canpar in Canada. The delivered status of this shipment did not update the status correctly in ShippSatation:

Amazon Buy Shipping - Large Letter CRL

Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add CRL Large Letter to the Amazon Buy Shipping integration We usually would use CRL (Large Letter) using our RM account (it's the standard that UK customers use to ship large letter type products - D...

davidk by First-timer
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Amazon FBA integration for Europe

Hi, There is an Amazon FBA fullfilment provider integration for the UK. However after Brexit this doesn't work anymore to send items to Europe. I would suggest that this integration was extended to Germany so I can send product to customers in Europe...


Please allow FBA Inventory to display even when Fulfillment SKU field contains FNSKU, currently if Fulfillment SKU field have FNSKU, FBA inventory will not display, which causing us unable to create dropship orders on the spot, and we would have to c...

godirect by First-timer
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