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This is in reference to Insights > Reports > Returned Products


Right now this report is essentially showing the SKU of an item a return was generated for, the reason selected for the return, and the customer's name.


This report would be a lot more valuable if it also relayed order information. At a minimum, if the associated Order Number came through that would be nice.


From a user perspective, I need to download the Returned Products report and then an order report and do a VLookup to get all the information I need. Not the worst thing, but not needing to download multiple reports would be handy.


This is helpful in knowing which stores/platforms are generating the most returns, and being able to more easily look into the reasons for our returns. Most users email us to start a return process. While the report shows a customer name, most customers don't use their full first and last names in the email exchange, but all of them reference their order number.


So when researching returns on our side, I need to pull the Return Products report, and an order report to pull my order numbers over, and then I can start hunting down emails if I need to. While this is a specific use case, I think a lot of other use cases exist.


This could go a step further, as right now you're able to export all your Returns from the Shipments screen, but that report doesn't include the product information. If these reports could be combined, then all return information would be in one great place.