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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
The branded return portal is awesome! I would love to use the feature but cannot based on the return service and package type default. There should be an option to select the original service and package type used on the order. For example, if I use USPS for my default return and a customer has a big heavy item, I tested this on an order by the way, it will cost $90.00 for USPS vs. $40.00 for UPS. If I use UPS for my default service and it's a small light item, it will cost $9.40 vs. $2.80 for First Class USPS. Defaulting to the original ship method on the order would solve these issues. Also, it would be nice to have an exchange option. Or at least a spot for a note so the customer can write "I would like a large instead of a medium". Or the option to select this is a return. Or this is an exchange.
First-timer (legacy)
This is also a feature we're quite surprised that ShipStation doesn't offer. We want to provide our customers with the best returns experience possible, but this is causing a hiccup at the expense of our company and the customer experience.
First-timer (legacy)
I totally agree with this post. This is what hinders me from using branded portal now. Any improvement coming on this soon?
First-timer (legacy)
Huge Up-Vote! Please ShipStation, let us set the return service as "same as outbound" within our Branded Portal!
First-timer (legacy)
This shouldn't be difficult. The return service should always default to the same as outbound. Or optionally, the cheapest method. Maybe even with a checkbox to disallow express shipping methods. (In which case it should default to the cheapest method.)
First-timer (legacy)
This has been a huge headache for me. They already have this option when you want to manually create a return label. So the programming is already there. Shipping- Returns - Service "Same as outbound" Should be a no brainier. Lets get it done please.
First-timer (legacy)
We're unfortunately going to have to stop using the Branded Returns Portal because we've just realized how much money it's costing us to not have dynamic service settings (ex. under 15oz should be able to be shipped back usps first class, not Priority). Even if the customer is making a partial return, the system already is hooked into the weights of the product, so you should be able to set automation rules for the branded portal.
Yes I agree this creates a big headache. I cannot use the portal at all until an option is given based on weight and cheapest method. I cannot pay double for return shipping costs so have to manually address each return request. This is a critical need for higher volume sellers. Please lookout for us on this one.
First-timer (legacy)
I sell shirts, and 1 shirt can ship USPS First Class, but 2 or more have to go Priority. This is a huge difference in cost. If the customer orders 2 but is only returning 1, using priority is a waste. Cannot use the portal until this is changes.
First-timer (legacy)
We sell merchandise that can range from weighing less than a pound and can fit in a padded mailer to products that need large custom boxes. The shipping service originally used would usually be the best option. Another way that this could possibly work is by using the selected product's weight. The shipper can then set rules for different return shipping methods based on weight and select the appropriate return shipping method from there.
Status changed to: Investigating