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Status: Investigating
The branded return portal is awesome! I would love to use the feature but cannot based on the return service and package type default. There should be an option to select the original service and package type used on the order. For example, if I use USPS for my default return and a customer has a big heavy item, I tested this on an order by the way, it will cost $90.00 for USPS vs. $40.00 for UPS. If I use UPS for my default service and it's a small light item, it will cost $9.40 vs. $2.80 for First Class USPS. Defaulting to the original ship method on the order would solve these issues. Also, it would be nice to have an exchange option. Or at least a spot for a note so the customer can write "I would like a large instead of a medium". Or the option to select this is a return. Or this is an exchange.

@Moderator-Davis  - Hi - Are you able to elaborate on what is 'In Consideration'?

There are multiple comments here in this thread with the same issue that I have, which is that the Returns Portal does not automatically switch from USPS 'First Class' to 'Priority Mail' if the return weight is 16oz or greater. It's causing an error and telling the customer to contact us. We have to manually create all of these returns.

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