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It looks like Scan to View is available on mobile, and can utilize the camera on the mobile device. Can we take it one step further and have Scan to Verify available as well? We have multiple people picking and packing orders, but not everyone does this behind a computer. Being able to scan to verify via mobile would allow us to be nimble and mobile, but also maintain accuracy. What would be helpful is being able to scan the barcode on the packing slip, which will bring up the order, then allow the user to begin scanning the product to make sure it matches what's on the order. Once the correct product is verified, the all clear is given to finish packing the order.

This is such a needed must for the mobile application!  For exactly the reasons why everyone else says. PLEASE!! 

New Contributor

Please - we need the scan to verify on mobile app asap

New Contributor

Please it’s ridiculous that there’s no scan to verify on your app! Please add it asap

Occasional Contributor

Please make this happen ShipStation! This would make our workflow so much more smooth

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Your community has been asking for this for years. It’s amateur not to have a scan to verify option on the app. Please, add it asap