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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Planned
The ability to take advantage of USPS Merchandise Return Service and have an option to print a return label with every shipment or selected shipments and not have to pay for the postage unless the customer uses it. I believe this is available through API only and there may be a form you have to submit to USPS:
First-timer (legacy)
This needs to be address sooner then later with the massive increase of online orders and returns generated Every 20 or so days we have to manually look and void those USPS tags that have not tracked. What a huge waste of money and time. We need the system set up that all USPS Return tags are not charged to our account until scanned by Post office just like FEDEX and UPS.
First-timer (legacy)
Some of these requests are out of Need to grow our E-Commerce business and we (Subscription Holders) are sharing valuable feedback, that will GREATLY improve the customer service experience, and we need your help to get us there and you get to Monetize or improve this long over due feature. Thank you ------------------------------------ Long Overdue on (Braded Returns Page) #1 Giving ShipStation Admin Ability to Toggle or edit fields to customize the (Customer Side Experience (Branded Returns Page) #2 Ability to Customize (Branded Returns Page) (CSS editor or html support) to make changes to Branded Page (CSS ability to lay it out) to look like any Sellers Website (selling Channel) #3 Permissions to mask the URL address to match store webpage for the redirect (Branded Returns Page)
Status changed to: Planned