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I've used ShipStation a few times a day for the last few years, and I've tried to give V3 a fair shake.  Everything just feels like it was changed for the sake of change and not improvement in almost every aspect.


Here are my top 2 issues:


- I can't trust it:  When I click something or change something, I have to go back and double check later to make sure the change went through.  For instance, if I were to add on carrier insurance, and it defaults to a value of $150, but I want to change it to $100, I need to go back and double check it later.  I have no confidence that the change actually went through because ever since V3 my changes are not saved.  I have seen countless numbers changed, and then reverted back to their initial value. 


This was never an issue on the old version, I always knew that what I typed out was correct and would hold.  Going back and double checking values was never a problem and V3 has greatly increased my time spent on the platform.  


- Slower interface:  I believe this is a spacing issue with the inputs but it might also be a combination of the new font size & weight too.  For instance, when I go to the dropdown bar for service or package, there are now fewer options visible in the initial list.  Now I need to scroll more to get to the option that I want.  More scrolling and more clicks = more time spent making labels.  We should be speeding up this process, not making it slower.


The new font also makes some important data challenging to find and read.  A good example is the rate.  It's lower, off to the side, smaller, and looks like an afterthought that almost always has a warning beside it (typically the warning about how much insurance is automatically included).  This warning is not needed on that page.


To the best of my knowledge, there is no option to go back to the older version but I would pay extra to do so and it would pay for itself in the first day.  V3 is a big flop for me.  I dread making labels now, and so does my coworker.  What used to be simple and quick, is now slow and clunky.  


I would encourage whoever made the new UI to please take a look at the old version and reevaluate why the changes were made.   Why space things out further to create more scrolling and clicks?  Why change the font from easy to read to all the same font size and font weight?  Why put a warning on things that don't need warnings?  Most importantly, whatever magic there was on the previous version with saving data after it's input, please go back to that so I can more confidently make changes knowing that they'll stick.


There are a multitude of other issues that I can elaborate on if you're willing to listen and make change but let's tackle these big issues first please.  Thanks for reading.

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We've been customers of shipstation since 2014. We've processed tens of thousands of shipments. We have several users and on a daily basis we spend hours inside the system.


I suppose V3 is ok for small volume shippers (<10 orders a day), but as you note, it is slow and unreliable. There are numerous layout bugs and sometimes things just simply do not work. It's pretty but not functional. Almost like it was built to look better than feel better.


Since it is clear that V3 will be the standard at some point, we spent a week documenting our experience end to end. We submitted the feedback and never heard anything. As far as we know, none of those concerns have been addressed. Now I'm a little scared that we'll be forced onto the platform at some point (and probably at the worst possible moment). If that happens, we'll absolutely switch platforms even if it means less functionality.


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We have found the same problems. Much slower interface, especially searching our shipments.


Look and feel has been improved (although I feel that is subjective) at the expense of functionality. The overall view is spaced out, but the word I have used is bloated. I want as much information at a glance as possible. I want less clicks, scrolling, typing, searching, and filtering because that equals less time to do a task. The sole reason we switched to V3, when it was an option, was for scan to verify. I do believe this has saved our staff from making some shipping errors, but we found all non shipping computers V2 as it was faster, more reliable, and easier to get the information you needed without navigating as much.


Hello all,


Thank you for taking the time to post about the behaviors you have seen and experienced! This type of feedback truly is very helpful 🙂 


@shipping54, I saw that you mentioned you submitted feedback and haven't heard anything. I want to check that out to ensure that we are able to get the proper eyes on your feedback. Could you let me know where and when you posted that feedback please? I absolutely want to be able to see that full information you provided, especially since you took the time to put it together for my team to review! 


Thanks again, to each of you, for providing your story of the experience with the new version of ShipStation.