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Advanced Hotkey Support and New Layout


Are Advanced Hotkeys working in the new layout for anyone? This post from March of 2021 says they're added, but I've been unable to get them working and support seems clueless. There's a hotkey menu in the new layout which implies they're working. The help center article on "Other Barcode Uses" has a notice saying that the scan action report is only available in the legacy layout, but doesn't clearly say the barcode actions (which are just hotkeys mapped to a barcode) don't work in the new layout.


The basic hotkeys, including Shipping Presets work fine, but the advanced hotkeys (and I'm specifically looking for "Read weight form scale" (w), "Get Rate" (r), and "Create label" (s)) all appear broken.



One more piece of info in case anyone else is running into this same issue. There's a post over in the ShipStation University Hub where a moderator acknowledges that barcode actions (and by implication advanced hotkeys) aren't working and states that a fix was planned to be rolled out by the end of March 2022. Those posts were made in February 2022. So we're late, but hopefully a fix is coming soon.


Hey there @d-a-v-i-s


We have rolled out that scan functionality. If the scan functionality specifically isn't operating as intended for you, please reach out to our support department so that we can fully troubleshoot that issue, and if needed, have the feature further reviewed. 


The advanced hotkeys however, are a separate feature that is being worked on currently. I wish i had more information to share in this moment, but we do not yet have an ETA for that update. Certainly as soon as I have any new information, I will update the thread accordingly so that we are all on the same page 🙂 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Hi @Moderator-Davis. I just wanted to add some clarification to this post in case anyone else finds it. Please correct me if I get anything wrong.


Most of the Scan functionality in ShipStation is just a barcode that maps to a Basic or Advanced Hotkey. The hotkey support in ShipStation allows you to build a streamlined pick and pack process for your warehouse. For example, here's what our shipping team does in ShipStation once an order is packed.


  • Scan pick ticket barcode to bring up Order in ShipStation. (This is working in the new layout.)
  • Scan the "Read weight from scale" barcode to update the order weight in ShipStation. (This is broken in the new layout.)
  • Scan the appropriate Custom Shipping Preset for the package being used. (This is working in the new layout.)
  • Scan the "Get rate" barcode to get the shipping cost for the order. (This is broken in the new layout.)
  • Scan the "Create label (Ship Order)" barcode to generate the shipping label. (This is broken in the new layout.)

So when everything is working, our shipping team can take a packed order and get a label without ever having to touch the keyboard. But aside from the pick ticket barcode in those steps above, all of the scan actions are just mapping a barcode to a HotKey. And 3 of those 4 HotKeys are "Advanced Hotkeys" that don't work in the new layout.


I'd really like to add the Scan to Verify feature to our packing workflow, but Scan to Verify only works on the new layout and the new layout and since the new layout would break our current scan to ship process, I'm stuck.


ShipStation says scan functionality works in the new version, but it's misleading. Anyone trying to setup a streamlined scanning-based pack and ship workflow, is in for disappointment as key steps in the process don't work via scanning.


ShipStation Hotkeys



Hey @d-a-v-i-s


Thank you for providing this feedback.


You are correct that there are some aspects of Hotkeys that we are still working on! With that in mind, we have not received reports of the Advanced HotKeys specifically not working. We definitely want to investigate that to the root of the behavior you are experiencing.


Please be on the look out for a direct message from me soon! 


If anyone else is experiencing this behavior specifically with the Advanced Hotkeys, please reach out to our Support team so that we can document that and investigate accordingly. 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Not be salty about this, but ShipStation support has received at least 2 reports of Advanced Hotkeys not working on the new layout. I opened a ticket in December 2021 (six months ago) where the support rep was unable to replicate my issue, I submitted video of it not working and the ticket was escalated. In April of 2022 a support rep told me they were able to replicate the issue and the ticket was escalated. I've heard no follow-up on either ticket since.


I'm assuming this feature is actually working for some people on the new layout, which would lead me to believe it's something specific to my setup. I have tried the basic resolution steps that support has suggested (clearing cache, incognito window), as well as trying different browsers and computer combinations with no results. This is Windows 10 on some basic hp laptops and workstations. Nothing unique on the hardware or OS side. I'm happy to try more, but need some sort of response from support.

Thank you for providing this insight to your previous tickets! 


We will consolidate this information into the investigation into this behavior right away. As soon as I have any updates I will update everyone here 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Occasional Contributor

We just switched to the new layout due to a forced migration email we received and we're having issues with the hotkeys as well. We don't use scanning in our shipping workflow, but given that hotkeys aren't working in the following cases, it might be the cause of your issue as well:


When we're viewing an order in "Orders", advanced "Shipping Orders" hotkeys are not functioning, however, "General" hotkeys are initially... but once a label is created + printed, focus is lost and not even "General" hotkeys functioning, requiring to click the "Forward" arrow to move on to the next order... which has become tedious.


We actually normally just work off the grid layout with the sidebar but tried using the order screen to see if we can get back our quicker workflow. The grid layout has similar hotkey issues. Although "Advanced Hotkeys" initially do work, once a label is Created + Printed, it loses focus and "General" hotkeys no longer work (ie. down arrow to move to the next order in the grid).


Overall, our productivity has slowed down significantly and are now even considering transitioning to other services if the hotkey issue can't be resolved soon or if we're unable to switch back to legacy until they are...

Sounds like the same issue. The barcodes we're scanning to do the Advanced Hotkey actions are just barcodes mapped to the appropriate hotkey letter.


I haven't seen the forced migration email yet, but if they don't fix this before they force us onto the new layout, it's going to suck. Was support able to provide any help or answers?

Occasional Contributor

We just reached out to support this morning after failing to find a suitable workaround on our end to gain our efficiency back. Last month we received an email from Shipstation with the subject, "Upcoming Changes to ShipStation" notifying us:


On Wednesday, May 5th, your account and all users will be moved over to the new layout without the ability to move back to the old layout.  


We're running into several UIX issues that have really slowed us down. The creation and initiating of printing labels seems to be a tad slower as well. Also, I believe that in V2 Legacy, when an order was Quickship printed (S) in the grid, it would automatically advance to the next order... which was very handy and now it does not. The typography and styling makes it a bit difficult to easily pinpoint important information as well. The V2 Legacy customer hover over history popup was helpful and the new layout tries to implement it, but falls short. You actually have to click on the person's name to bring it up, and ironically, it deselects the order from the grid layout when doing so... plus there's no quicklink to bring up customer's individual orders.


We try not to use the mouse as much as possible and the new layout just seems to be more mouse-required... unless scan to verify/print is used which is not a workflow that we've adopted. We do orders one at a time with pack/label in one step without initial packing slips; packer uses the screen as the "packing slip".


There's just several issues with the new layout that we're hoping we can get a rollback until they're addressed. We had tried the new layout quite some time ago and experienced similar UIX issues; after quite a bit longer in development, we had hoped that now since we were being forced into the new layout, that many of those issues had been addressed but here we are...

Hey there @d-a-v-i-s


As soon as I had confirmation, I wanted to update you! We have rolled out a resolution for those r, w, and s, hotkeys! Thank you for your patience.


If you are still seeing strange behavior around these hotkeys, please reach out and let us know.  


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

That's fantastic news. I'm just about to leave town for a week, but when I'm back, I'll do some testing to confirm it's working. Thank you.


Hey there! 


Thanks for providing this perspective for us yall, it is appreciated. 


I know that my team is working on this hotkey behavior thats been reported! I don't have an ETA for its resolution right now, but as soon as I have any update!

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Davis, I just spent almost two hours on a support chat with Austin D. about this very issue. He was none the wiser until I reported this to him. So, if support didn't know, and support managers we're aware of this issue either, what's it looking like that a fix is soon to be implemented? Heck, when can we expect an update? 

I mean it's clear that this forced migration to V3 has broken key functionality that has been reported multiple times via multiple threads. Even for months... WHY what this migration forced when the dev team clearly knew of the issues? This topic is over a month old with no ETA on a resolution... 

Seriously, some transparency would be incredibly helpful... 

Hello @service10


I understand the frustration you are expressing here, and I am happy to provide all of the information I have!  


We are absolutely working on the reported behavior around these advanced hot keys. I cannot provide a specific ETA for its release, but I know that engineering team is actively working to resolve this issue. The moment I have any sort of timetable for release I will update the thread here so that we are all staying on the same page.


Your patience is greatly appreciated!

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Since ShipStation seems to be forcing the new version on users and I'm aware that at least some functionality on the new version is broken, I had our entire team try the new version for a day and then took some notes on their feedback.


  • The Rate Calculator/Rate Browser no longer allows you to generate a label with an origin different from your default location.
  • The Order screen forgets your default scale, meaning you have to select it before you can pull a weight from the scale.
  • Creating a new order seems at least partially broken. I had reports from our team that setting up an order in the new version failed and automatically dumped them back to the old version where it succeeded.
  • Slow - Big complaints on speed from the team. The time between clicking the generate label button and the label showing up on the printer is at least double or triple what it is for the old version.
  • Hotkeys - This is one I've been aware of as an issue for more than 6 months. Hotkeys sometimes work, Advanced Hotkeys are 100% broken. It appears to be at least partially related to a focus issue as sometimes clicking somewhere on the order screen will allow you to use a hotkey that was previously failing.

These are the issues our team has run into. I know from browsing the forums that there are a lot of other bugs we're just avoiding based on how we've implemented its use.


Overall, if ShipStation forces this new version on us without significant fixes, we'll have to look at another product. As is, it would kill our shipping team's productivity and probably drive them all crazy.

d-a-v-i-s, have you not been forced to update to V3? It was my understanding this was rolled out to ALL customers.

We can confirm that ALL of the issues you are mentioning are backed up by our findings too... 

  • The speed of V3 is very VERY slow and almost unresponsive. There seem to be some javascript DOM issues that create the windows and focus views. Focus is possibly created immediately, but the rendering is very very slow. (This explains overwrite issues later) 
  • Times to pull up order details page range from 5 seconds to 15 seconds. Wiped cache, even reset latest version of chrome to defaults. Still horrendously slow. 
  • In the new scan view, the page crashes MULTIPLE times when trying to process orders. 
  • If auto funding is not set up on your stamps account, all orders using the scan view will fail if there are insufficient funds, meaning you must go refund your account instead of a popup allowing for more funding.  
  • Scanning packing slips of other orders while in the order details view open will update/overwrite the previous order. This requires closing the order details view and then scanning the next packing slip. (INCREDIBLY SLOW)
  • If you are using a scale to read weight, closing the order details view with the package off the scale will reset the weight of the order to 0. This is also true if you scan a packing slip while in the order details view. 
  • Barcode hotkeys are INCREDIBLY buggy. 50% or less success rate when scanning. I agree I think this seems to be a focus issue where specific fields or windows are selected. 
  • Read weight from scale completely broken. (Hotkey W) which requires physically selecting the scale and pressing the weight button with a mouse. Depending on the scale, auto time out will require a complete refresh of the page. 
  • Advanced hotkeys / presets no longer function. 
  • V1 layout hotkeys use capital letters, V3 appears to be using lower case, which broke all of our old barcodes. (Not a big deal CONSIDERING THEY DON'T WORK IN THE FIRST PLACE...)
  • Batches are no longer automatically archived. They must be deleted as the "process shipments" does not close the batch. 

Again, some transparency would be very nice to have. We've been a customer since 2018. While we're not the largest operation, processing 20 - 50 orders a day is now taking easily 3 times a long. Our workflow is completely broken, and all we are being given is no ETA. 

It is beyond frustrating to spend hours on chat support with no clear answer as to what is being done to fix this bastardization of an "update". Just allow customers to roll back to the previous version while the update is fixed... 

We have not been forced onto the new update. I've become more active here  after seeing reports that ShipStation is forcing it on some customers. We are on the ShipStation Enterprise subscription tier and I'm assuming that's why we're not being forced into the new version yet. (But I know it's coming.) Thank you for that bug list. I wish ShipStation would provide this information instead of forcing it on users to discover all the ways their software and workflows are broken.

@d-a-v-i-s, this is incredibly interesting because the option to roll back for gold status subscribers doesn't exist anymore. We were told that everyone was forced to migrate and that there would be no way to roll back. To find out that there are still customers on the old layout and it's literally something like an account status flag is beyond infuriating... It really goes to show just how much ship station cares about their customers. 

@Moderator-Davis, what are your thoughts about getting the option to roll back to the old layout for customers who are not on your enterprise tier? It's clear that the official shipstation has no clue what they are talking about when we are asking for the option to roll back and again, this whole transparency thing is really giving me some sour tastes. 

I want to continue using shipstation but we need some answers as to how to leverage this broken software... 

Occasional Contributor

We too are noting similar issues that everyone is pointing out as well. A couple of UIX issues that we like to add:

  • Although "Group By" in "Orders" was "improved" by having more column options, it now requires an extra click to set "Group By" which is not an issue unless the "Orders" screen keeps forgetting whenever the viewport is refreshed (browser refresh or close/open) and thus has to be set again each time. (not major, just annoying)

  • In Legacy, the last active "View" in "Orders" became the default when navigating away and back to "Orders". Now, the grid always defaults to "All", thus needing to click on a saved filter/view whenever clicking to a different "Store", screen, or refreshing the browser. Again... not major but just a minor item that has slowed us down as "All" is not where we spend most of our time.

@service10 given that some accounts are still able to switch back to Legacy, it seems that Shipstation is forcing migration on a per-batch set of accounts at a time. We've been customers since about 2015 so we were probably the next batch to get forced to migrate.


This "new layout" has been in development for at least a couple of years and we're surprised that there hasn't been much improvement on the fundamental issues since it was in "beta." We do a lot of development in-house and as far as we're concerned, this new layout should still be considered "beta" and optional for end-users.


From a development perspective, we understand that there might have been a need to build out a whole new frontend stack that was more conforming to utilizing their REST API that would align more so with their published docs... at least, we hope that was the main case for redesigning their frontend but seeing the xhr requests, it doesn't look like it. In fact, it seems their "new layout" is still utilizing several different backend APIs; there's calls to their new "", to "", and to ""


They probably wanted to make things a bit more modular and make things a bit easier to manage/avoid breaking-changes with a larger development team. This may be why things are now "slower" because the entire interface is more REST object-orientated but it's built on a convoluted frontend stack and/or lacks efficient caching/speed optimizations. Analyzing the xhr requests, there's quite a bit of logging and session recording going on using LogRocket on top of what seems to be another event tracking service plus their own in-house event logging as well. Frontends that are heavily object-orientated REST API based can easily become bloated and slow if not designed carefully.

@pleasure I really appreciate the additional insight into some of the ongoing issues. Thank you.

Occasional Contributor

Ironically, we just received this follow up to our support request sent on Monday (3 days ago). Perhaps they shouldn't have forced migration on so many accounts while they were still pending issues...




Thank you again for reaching out to ShipStation Support. Our apologies that we have not been able to respond to your ticket yet.


We are currently seeing unprecedented volume in our support queue which is leading to longer wait times. If you've resolved your inquiry or are working with an agent on another ticket, please notify us by replying directly on this ticket to help us work through open inquiries as quickly as we can.


In order to make sure our agents can resolve your inquiry as quickly as possible, please provide all relevant information in this ticket:

- What is the username/email address associated with your ShipStation account?
- Which store and/or orders are affected?
- What is happening specifically?
- What steps did you take that lead to the issue?
- Do you see any specific error messages?
- What outcome did you expect?


Thank you so much for your patience. As a reminder, if your subscription includes chat, agents are available for faster assistance.


- ShipStation Support

@pleasure Thanks for sharing. We can confirm that our ticket as of yesterday was elevated to a senior support manager and within minutes elevated to a developer. This is a good sign, however, we still do not have an official response from Shipstation support on what is being done to fix these issues for those who have been forced to migrate. Rest assured we have absolutely pointed them to this forum post.

While we as customers should not be required to perform the duties of a quality control developer/test engineer, it's obvious that ShipStation has no sense of urgency on the matter as they have known about these issues for MONTHS. 

At the moment, continuing to update this forum with issues is likely the best chance for those who are forced onto V3 and experiencing these issues to know that other customers are trying to get answers... 

@Moderator-Davis I will ask again if there is any additional information you can provide? Transparency goes a LONG way here... It's very clear that there are still many customers operating on the old layout and that this forced migration DID not have to happen.  

Hey there! At this time, we're committed to moving forward with the new layout. We understand there are some challenges for users making the transition, and we greatly appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to improve ShipStation going forward.


These improvements are part of a redesign that will keep ShipStation adaptive to the evolving needs of our users over time. So at this time, we are not reverting accounts back to the previous layout. 


For additional help getting started, please feel free to check out the following resources: 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Well if this is the shipstation bugs thread here goes ours

  • any filter with 'do not include' or 'are empty' returns garbage results
  • creating simple but identical filters e.g. 'empty tags' returns different results
  • shuffling the order sidebar cards crashes both chrome and firefox
  • grouping orders by sku either crashes or takes >1m when it used to be instant
  • clicking item name on sidebar no longer links thru to listings on some marketplaces
  • refreshing stores takes several minutes compared to max 20 seconds
  • left clicking a selected order deselects the row - a new UI behavior which all our users have complained about
  • hotkeys not working
  • barely legible order text in the sidebar - not sure why shipstation thinks critical customer info should be relegated to tiny light grey text but as we're learning they don't actually use the software for its intended purpose.

All the above have been experienced on multiple PC's using different accounts, isps, browsers etc. All the problems began the moment we were forced to new layout. Several of the problems were reported to shipstation during the trial period when we had chance to provide feedback and return to previous layout.


Several of these have since been ticketed but no firm responses, just the usual customer service brush off. Our request to roll back to previous shipstation has been ignored even though they have the option to solve our problems at the push of a button - but they refuse. We are now 90% migrated to our alternative (see for good alternatives). 


We remember when you could contact live chat and have someone log into your account and fix the issues live over chat. Now, live chat is basically a bot that pushes out worthless canned responses. Over 10yrs with shipstation you'd think they'd really have to drop the ball to lose us as customers, but the response to these bugs has been insulting and we can no longer trust our business to people who rolled this flaming dumpster into our workplace and ask for money in return.

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A lot has been happening behind the scenes with ShipStation and all this probably started when they were acquired by back in 2014~ish. I'm not familiar with their internal operations, supposedly they initially still operated independently, but I'm thinking that over time more of management started inching in. V2 "Legacy" was a product of the pre-acquisition days and V3 "New Layout", given its release in 2020, was likely mostly developed in the post-acquisition era. went through an acquisition-craze and snatched up a lot of the other well-known SaaS players like Shipworks, Shippingeasy, and Endicia. Latest significant news is when went private last year after being acquired by a private equity firm and then the CEO was let go almost instantly. There's likely a lot of management and focus-changes happening internally... don't know if the private equity firm being involved now is a good or bad thing.


The V3 release, a product from the public company era, still has several core issues and has been a troubled version since the get-go. Perhaps the private equity firm is re-evaluating, cleaning house, and will right the V3 ship; or... if this forced migration decision was part of the private equity firm's influence, then the near-future is likely more up in the air. I remember hearing talks about consolidation; given that Shipstation and Shippingeasy are both seemingly serving the same segment, perhaps the internal strategy is to combine these two solutions/teams.


Quick update on the forced migrations to the new layout. Our company is still on the old version, but I spoke with support this morning and was told they're planning to have everyone migrated to the new version by the end of this month. I haven't received the email that others have mentioned telling me that's happening, but apparently, that's still what they're telling the support staff.



Occasional Contributor

That's good news for the ones that weren't forced to migrate. So far, from the latest I've seen, they don't seem to be keen on rolling back those of us that have already been migrated 😞 It looks like they'll be using us smaller accounts to debug the "new" interface before risking losing large accounts.

@d-a-v-i-s, Looks like your comment has been edited and your statement about a delayed rollback is gone. Have you redacted this statement?  I still have a record in email, not sure if this was intentional or not, but here is a screengrab for those that are new to or following this thread. 

@Moderator-Davis, Considering the forced rollout to V3 has been delayed, how does this affect the status of those that were already migrated? I've been chatting back and forth with a customer support manager for several weeks now and have yet to get a firm answer other than it is possible to roll back accounts but it requires special circumstances. Given that the ENTIRE software STILL doesn't function as intended, this seems to be a pretty special circumstance. No? 

It has been 2 weeks past the estimated window I was given by a customer support manager about re-enabling advanced hotkeys... I have sent many lengthy responses to this particular customer service manager letting them know of the various issues and have yet to receive any feedback... 

I will openly state we are evaluating other options for our fulfillment software. I STRONGLY suggest everyone that is following or that subbles upon this thread do the same. The way Shipstaiton is treating their customer is flat out wrong and this behavior should not be tolerated. 

@d-a-v-i-s, I'm not sure if you have a direct line to a customer service rep, but I personally would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't mind asking about what they intend on doing for those customers that are affected and yet forced to migrate. You certainly don't owe us anything, but we greatly appreciate your transparency. It's sad that YOU have to be the one transparent and not Shipstation... 

Hello @service10 ,


This comment was redacted by the author as the email referenced in the comment was in relation to a specific account whose migration has been delayed temporarily.


Just to reaffirm what we said in that thread, there are no plans to pause V3 migrations. If you are running into major issues or are unable to ship support, please continue to discuss with the support team directly.


I was able to look into the HotKeys situation, right now we have a proposed fix on the horizon. The fix is currently awaiting QA testing right now and once that has successfully passed it will be implemented. I do not have an ETA right now about when this should be completed as I know we are trying to be thorough during testing and implementation. 


The estimates provided by our support team are estimates about the time it may take. While we work as fast as we possibly can to keep everyone shipping, sometimes there are internal factors that may cause us to take longer than expected. I do apologize for the lack of updates in this case and want to let you know I have shared this feedback.


Kind regards, 


Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood Community Manager 

@Manager-Erin, I appreciate the feedback, however, I do want to point out that as a nonenterprise customer, I was told multiple times that everyone was forced to migrate and that no customer could work out specific exceptions to this migration. If you read through this thread, you will find that pretty early on, we found that not to be the case and that migration is up to Shipstations discretion. While I (and a lot of other customers on here would also agree) understand the need to migrate to new platforms, forcing a migration when KNOWN issues are still present only hurts the customers not able to be in the "exclusive" tier.

Further, for those customers that this migration has impacted fairly drastically, being told that there is no solution when there clearly is, is NOT a great way to treat us. I started by asking for transparency, and updates, and lastly to speak with someone who was a decision maker at Sipstation so that I knew they were hearing the issues we were having. It wasn't until I had to reach out to employees on LinkedIn that conversations started to happen. Even now, it took weeks for you, a manager, to show up to this thread.

Again, I do appreciate the update on the hotkeys issue, and I understand things take time and ETAs are estimates, but canned responses of "you should reach out to support if you can not ship" is just laughable... The only "solution" I've been offered is to screen record my issues and ultimately deal with them until an update has been rolled out. IF enterprise accounts are able to delay their migration, then the ability to roll back accounts that have been migrated is still there, and for those customers experiencing legitimate issues, they should have been allowed to roll back. 

I can not even begin to count the number of hours wasted trying to make this version work with our workflow, the emails, the documentation, and the conversations here. All while being a CUSTOMER, not an employee. That time is something I won't get back and time that I could have spent working on other areas of my business or paying my employees to do other work instead of dealing with slow and broken software.

To say I am upset and disappointed is an understatement. Be better Shipstation. 

We reported that filters do not work over a month ago. A critical part of processing orders - in fact when you click 'features' on the shipstation home page, the first 'feature' is order management claiming "Gain complete control and insight into all of your orders at every stage..."


And yet filters do not work, and they have known about this for over and month and DONE NOTHING TO FIX IT. It remains as broken as it was over a month ago, and all we, you and everyone will get posting on this forum is worthless lip-service from community managers.


Find an alternative platform. They do not care.

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I tried the new interface when it just came out, it was awful in terms of the appearance but, more importantly, in terms of the functionality. There were many bugs, too many to list. I switched back and waited patiently for the updates while using the old interface without major issues. Now, since the email that they would force us to switch, I had to try the new interface again, and let me tell you... I don't see major updates since I have first seen it two ago. From the color scheme and fonts to the buggy interface I hate everything about it!!! I would be switching to anything BUT SHIPSTATION if they force me to use this crap! This is insane.


Example of bugs: I was trying to re-ship the order (sometimes we re-ship orders when there is an issue with the original shipment). Instead of giving me the ability to create a new shipment, it created a new order in the system with the same number that I can't delete now. Also, the interface was showing me multiple pending shipments that I was not able to delete either, even though a label was not yet printed. So why not let delete something if it was created by mistake???? Especially when it's not coming from a marketplace and just created by accident in ShipStation...


A delay to Q3 of 2023 is welcoming news if true.

There are problems that have been reported months ago that remain unfixed with no ETA and zero communication. Find and alternative platform and cancel your subscription - shipstation do not care about any of the problems they have forced upon paying customers.