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Automatic return portal displays incorrect date of the return window closed

New Contributor

We set our return window to be 35 days from the ship date. So, if a customer uses the return portal after 35 days of the shipment created, it will return a message "This item's return window closed on X/XX/XXXX". 


My issue is that the X/XX/XXXX displayed for my return portal is always the SHIP DATE, NOT 35 days after that ship date. This could cause the customer who had not attempted to return until then to complain that the return portal already closed even before he receives it.  A screenshot of an example is attached.



I have contacted support and the ticket was escalated to the developers about a month ago. No updates yet. I have tried to change the return allowed days after shipment from 35 to 30 days to see if that helps (and it doesn't). I am starting to wonder if this is a system-wide issue that no one has noticed yet. 


If you use an automatic return portal, is this feature working correctly for you? Have you experienced similar issues?