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Having more color options for Tags

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In our label creating process, having the color tags are crucial for our speed and accuracy of shipping orders out. Each one of our skus has its own colored tag and its awesome to see all the tags next to the order #, name, date, info etc. We can glance at the order and see what's inside and then filter the orders to group all the orders that have that specific tag and try to print larger batches. We try to print in batches that have the exact same items and quantities, which allows us to pick and pack many orders at once instead of pick one order at a time. This could help many companies streamline their label creation and picking process to become super efficient. 


We are getting to the point where we are running out of color options with our increase in skus. It would be amazing to have more color options so we don't run out of color tags for our new products. Not having a color option tag for a product would really hurt our label creation process and even lead up to shipping errors. Please, please, please if possible, can we get more color tag options? Thank you!



Hi @Ek88V 


Have you tried creating filters based off of the SKUs of the products / product names? This effectively does the same things as tags. Shipstation filters are actually super powerful and under-utilized by many, in my opinion. You can click on that button "Saved Filters" and then "Manage Filters". This will allow you to create new filters based on almost any attribute. You can basically create filters for all of the different things you mentioned in your post, without having to use tags. Sure you wouldn't have the visual confirmation of a tag, but it will still allow you the ability to sort in ways that you need to.


Let me know if that helps!


Shawn Singh
Founder of Station+
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Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, we have done filters which works great. When we print orders where theres one or 2 skus, the filters work great. However, when theres 4, 5, 6+ skus in an order and we want to print labels efficiently, having the color tags works the best. It has helped us decrease our printing time dramatically. There are so many different sku combinations in one order that without being able to see whats inside without actually clicking into the order is painful. When we can visually see whats inside, it helps a lot. Love to show you guys how we print and you can let me know if there is a better way. 
It worries me that when we come to the point where we run out of color tags, shipstation may not be the best solution for us and we might need to find something else. I love Shipstation but the limitation of color tags will be very painful. Thanks.