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Please fix the Currency Customs Declaration feature ASAP!!


Please fix the Currency Customs Declaration feature ASAP!!


There should be the option to change the currency. I Just spoke to support and they told me that the account is restricted to the currency it is set up in and cannot be changed. 

"Ok. At this time, your customs declarations reflect the currency your account is currently set to and there is no option to change that. I apologize for the disappointment this may cause."


This was never an issue with the previous platforms  







New Contributor

This has also become a huge issue for us and didn't know it would be until we started using ShipStation. We ship from Canada to USA and the declared value needs to be in USD.

New Contributor

Same problem here and customers are being pissed off. 


We are requesting this change for many years now... nothing is fixed yet... 


It wouldn't be that hard to let shipstation users change the displayed currency for the customs forms...