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iOS App

New Contributor

Hello everyone,


I'm not sure this is the right place for this but I have been working on an iOS app that will show Ship Station users how many orders they have due out and how many products are needed that day.


You can easily see whats going on with your ShipStation when out and about as well as keep track on how many orders are left to dispatch and even if any orders are overdue. 


I'm hoping to get it released next week at the latest as there is still some finishing touches to do as well as some more testing. 


I was wondering if anyone would use this it would be a paid service costing less than £1 a day but would save you time trying to figure out what products you need and also if out of the office whats going on while your away.


This will be launching on iOS first and if enough intrest I would release an Android version.


I hope this is ok to post.