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ShipStation iOS App - ShipAssist

I have created a Ship Station iOS application that enables the customer to check whats going on with their store while about and about. You can also see what products are needed for that day and also if you have any overdue orders. I am working on mo...

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ducky by New Contributor
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iOS App

Hello everyone, I'm not sure this is the right place for this but I have been working on an iOS app that will show Ship Station users how many orders they have due out and how many products are needed that day. You can easily see whats going on with ...

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ducky by New Contributor
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Per item weight on Packing Slips

Looking to have the Packing Slip mapping corrected to show the Weight on the packing slip as the per item/per case weight. Today it tallies the total weight per sku based on how many of the sku was purchased. I am looking to show the per unit weight ...

Return Received date can't show in sequence

Return Received date can't show in sequence, which is not easier for warehouse & service team to manage. Create date is actually not so important to show in sequence. Instead, it's more important to have Return Received date to show in order , so tha...

Max_ATW by New Contributor
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Custom Export coming out as oz for weight

We are seeing Weight in Oz on one of our custom export reports when we have it just set to weight not weight Oz yet we are still getting the weight in oz instead of lbs. there a way we can adjust this for the weight field in the custom export report ...

Bulk printing order alerts

We always bulk print packing slips and labels but recently the popup alert that warned us that we already printed packing slips has disappeared. As you can imagine this is leading to some major picking/packing issues. I attempted to seek help from sh...

Mia4 by First-timer
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Shipstation Connect doesn't work with Firefox

When trying to print labels via ShipStation Connect, nothing is printed. This issue occurs when using ShipStation on the Firefox browser, as well as the Brave browser. ShipStation Connect was working on Firefox last week. So far I have tried the foll...

Inventory reports - improvement needed

Original post by user Eddie Spencer I like Shipstation. However, I need inventory reports that Shipstation does not provide. I need reports that show: SKU, alias, inventory; SKU, inventory, inventory history for a specific period of time (additions a...

SarahATX by Moderator
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