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Set Package Type For Best Shipping Rate Strategy

Easy to set the automation rule for Best Shipping Rate, which was very helpful to no longer have to manually compare shipping prices with different carriers. However, we can't set the package type to auto-fill with Best Shipping Rate on. In automatio...


webhooks are sometimes bunk.

Using the on_items_shipped webhook. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont. Which is pretty convenient. example of the response (by curling the resource url): {"shipments":[],"total":0,"page":1,"pages":0} So, I guess I have to make a cron that just ru...

doug4 by Occasional Contributor
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Batch label

I am new to ship station and am trying to set up a workflow for our operation. Basically, I'd like to have all orders that contain only one item to batch print in the morning leaving only the multi-item orders in the list for our warehouse manager to...

windowfilm by Occasional Contributor
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automation for incorrect address

I have an automation to send the customer an email template when their address can not be validated, but it isn't working. Anyone have suggestions?orders match these criteria: address verified > includes > error and address verified > includes > warn...

danicaE by New Contributor
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Alerts for addresses in Hawaii and Alaska

Hi All, I am not sure if there is a way to create an account alert for addresses in Hawaii or Alaska, but if there is please share!!! Unfortunately Etsy doesn’t allow you to select only lower 48 and every now and again one of those address slips thro...

peter8 by First-timer
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Webhook for delivered shipments?

Original post by user Chris and Julie Colotti Since shipstation tracks when an item has been delivered is there a way to capture this update from a webhook? I know it can send delivery notifications via email but I am looking to automate something el...

SarahATX by Moderator
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Label show printed, never actually printed out

We have had a consistent problem with ShipStation Connect and not actually printing labels, but showing that they are printed. The most frustrating part of this whole situation is, support just tells me to clear my cache and that's the only solution ...

HorseGuard by Frequent Contributor
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Batch Dowload pdf labels

I want to keep a pdf copy of all my shipping labels. is it possible to batch download pdf shipping labels ? can I set the naming convention of the downloaded shipping label so all the labels downloaded will follow that format? for example date.ordern...

Why the Hell! Integration with Quickbooks issues.

So I turned on Integration with Quickbooks and now every order that comest through, Shipstation adds a ("SS" - order number) to every orders. I don't want the SS added but I can't see where or how to turn that off. Same applies to Shipping or Product...

OZ by First-timer
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