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Literally, I login from the same IP addresses every day (home and work), yet everyday, I get to go through the same Google Captcha questions - selecting mountains, or stop lights or fire hydrants.


Can you guys upgrade to the invisible Captcha? Or could you disable it when the IP address is recognized for an account? That would really be great.


It's so unfortunate, but this platform has consistently become slow, more clunky and more unusable... and we're stuck with it  😭

New Contributor

I totally agree, this new login security is way over the top, and way more excessive than any other website I have ever used.  Please at least revise the Captcha requirement to no more than once weekly.  


It also requests Captcha multiple times, as though we don't know what a traffic light or bridge looks like. Very frustrating when consistently logging in at the same IP address.