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tested on 3 computers, all 3 computers have not experienced this before.  Our account uses Shipstation Connect which makes printing so much quicker than downloading then manually printing each label or whatever it is that needs to be printed.

Starting today (March 28, 2024), we try printing 1 or more labels, and each computer gets the error I'll post below.

At first we thought it was because we purchased insurance (which we never have done before) we purchased insurance (PostGuard insurance) today for 1 of the shipments.  Ironically, the day we purchase insurance we get this error.  Well, we cleared all cache, cookies, and started fresh.  Even uninstalled, restarted comptuer, reinstalled Shipstation Connect.  We get same results even if/when we try to print label that is same as we have done for years.  Support has been working with me through livechat for over hour now, and they are submitting ticket to senior engineer(s) I'm told.   Anyone else experiencing this?

We can download file, then manually print each file, but what a pain in the rear.