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I have confirmed with the ShipStation Support Team do not appear anywhere in reports. This absence is quite frustrated ultimately these were shipments that occurred and if the user added details such as tracking and carriers these should be part of a report of shipped orders.


Merely a column identifying them "Marked as Shipped" would empower users to run more effective reports instead of having to keep external records which are imprecise and time-consuming. 


The advantage for Shipstation is that it will make the platform more robust and "sticky" to users by allowing them to centralise their shipping workflows.


Please consider for implementation as most of the work has already been done. Thanks

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Occasional Contributor

I have this same issue, it would be a great value to ShipStation reports if we were able to get reports based on 'Marked as Shipped' orders aggregated with all the other shipments.

The only workaround that currently exists is to go to Shipments > Fulfillments and use the Marked as Shipped filter in the Provider filter region. This means that to get a full list of shipments, you would need to gather two separate reports and merge them together.

Ultimately, having the ability to get all of this information in one report would increase not only the value of ShipStation, but also the trust that my company (and many others I would assume) has in the data retrieved from the reports that ShipStation offers.