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I recently did a third party fulfillment for a client, and we shipped out nearly 800 packages over the course of a little over a week. While I understand that there are better ways to go about the organization of the fulfillment than what we did (we should have had our client in their own store; we should have had all the orders printed on the same day; etc.) this just wasn't the case this time.

What happened was we printed almost 500 labels on a Wednesday, we printed the rest of the labels the next day, but cancelled the international labels and re-processed the international labels the following week. During this time, a separate client had one order get mixed into this store that we had set up for this fulfillment. 

When the time came to run a report of shipping costs for the client, I could run a Shipping Manifest Report for the specific "Ship From" location, but I couldn't do it for a period of time longer than one day - just one day at a time. Alternatively I could also run a "Shipping Cost" report for the whole time period in question, but the filters only allow me to run a report for the store that was used, not a specific Ship From Location. So this would have other orders mixed in. Not ideal either way. 

Using the "Orders" tab and using the advanced search feature was no better. No way to filter the Ship From location. The "Shipments" Tab was almost there, as I could filter the dates needed and the ship from location, but the cancelled orders were in there and I could only view a maximum of 500 orders at a time on one Shipment Manifest report. 

There is just no way to do what I wanted to do. I needed to run a report of the shipping costs, whether it be in the Shipping Cost Report in Insights, or in the Shipping Manifest Report in Insights, and filter it via a full two weeks, from one specific "Ship From" Location. This function does not exist, and is causing me more issues that I think needs to be address. I did reach out to customer service, and confirmed that this functionality is not in Shipstation at this time.