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Amazon has released a new update for Amazon Buy Shipping, adding UPS Ground Saver. Information can be found on the Amazon forum

We have Amazon Buy Shipping enabled for several clients, but they are unable to select UPS Ground Saver through Shipstation+Carrier Amz buy shipping.

ShipStation support states:

Jovs here from the support team:

"I have discussed why UPS Ground Saver is not available on Amazon Buy Shipping. I learned that in ShipStation, UPS Ground Saver is only available with UPS by ShipStation, not with Amazon Buy Shipping."

Why is this unfair limitation in place?

Why can't clients choose this shipping method through ShipStation - Amazon Buy Shipping?

Amazon Buy Shipping is crucial for clients who sell on Amazon.

Can you address this issue?

Thank you for your time.

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Having the same problem here.