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Since Shipstation took away the "restore" order button in V3, how are you handling this now?


The last I checked (a couple months ago) on V3 if you used the "duplicate" order function it would wipe all the line items on the 'new' duplicated order. And Shipstation has deemed this as a non-issue. They said I should manually write down all the line items across ALL the packing slips LOL.


So how are the rest of you handling this? 


I am always on the go, so when a customer calls me with a lost or damaged order, I restore the order through my Shipstation phone app.  My shipper uses the Shipstation service from a desktop browser and reships the order after I restored the order.  Shipstation is useless to me without this feature.   I can ship direct from Paypal if I want to do this manually.  


This is absolutely critical functionality and needs to be addressed before being forced to the V3 layout.


I'm all for developing and improving the new version, but it clearly is not ready for mainstream use yet without these basic functions.


Right now I can pop back to V2 and fix any of these issues with a couple clicks, but what happens after the 8th when V2 is no longer available?      


Occasional Contributor

Is this not the most ANNOYING ISSUE EVER!?  Its killing us.  And NOBODY cares to address it.