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Originally Posted by @orangeumbrella

Original Idea Thread:  Make it work! 


The blue lock buttons, the green checkmarks and the red out of stock x’s are pretty much useless right now.  Below is a mock order we’ve made to illustrate the issue we’re having.  While things are being taken out of stock when we ship the order it is making order processing cumbersome and slow because the girl that pulls our orders (the inventory@ user) is unable to see what is actually happening with stock by using the lock, x and checkmark.  This is increasing labor costs and frustrations on all ends.
In the example below we have 3 of the 112-016 sku.  In this mock order the customer has ordered 3 of them total (which is what we have in stock) from two different listings.  This would be like a coffee company having the same measuring spoon in each listing for customers to add on. So this is common practice and should not be causing issues.  That particular line item is turning red when they are using all of the stock.  If we have the stock for them (which we do as you can see on the right side) it should award a blue lock button.  When they are buying the same line item from different listings and we have more than enough stock (as shown with the 112-142 sku) it is giving a green checkmark instead of the blue lock button.  This is now how any of this should be working.  Everything is on hand to fill this order and it is not coding properly.
Status changed to: Investigating



From checking into this with my team, this is likely an account specific behavior/issue you are running into. With that in mind, I would encourage you to reach out to our support team with the finer details and examples of this behavior so that we can inspect your account directly. 


We look forward to hearing from you soon! 🙂