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When I split a shipment in V3 it does not give me the option to assign a new name to the new shipment, it only uses the original order number.  The problem is that our warehouse requires a unique order number when pulling in orders.  Using V2 I could simply name the split order -1 and the warehouse could pull in the original and the -1 order.  I seem to have no way to do this in V3.  Please help as this will be a major headache if I can't assign a new name to a split order.

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Forced to migrate over this week to the new platform and immediately ran into issues with this. Spent over an hour on chat with support for them to say, "Sorry. Go here and submit an idea..." which I'm seeing now this is a problem for a lot of businesses. It heavily impacts our subscription box business in a very negative way. Also, the multi-step process to even split an order is ridiculous. Before now, it took 2 clicks- now it's a whole process. Shipstation- please address this soon!

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@david_dean @inkedgoddess @GSC @support186 @aandjcycles I've been emailing back and forth with support about this for a few weeks.  Laurin H., an Associate manager for merchant support offered to submit an internal request to have this escalated. 🤞


This unique order ID problem breaks our integration with a WMS called SkuVault.  Our workflow is to export the orders numbers from ShipStation and paste them into SkuVault to start a wave picking session for the orders.  Since v3 we have been unable to pick backorders using that workflow because all we can see is the order number and there are now multiple shipments sharing the same order number.


When you split an order, ShipStation does generate a unique ID for each shipment -- internally it's called the fulfillmentPlanId -- they just don't expose that ID anywhere in the UI so folks like us could use it.  The only time it appears is after something has been marked shipped, at which point it is shown as the shipment ID on the Shipments screen.


I understand this problem of not being able to edit or see a unique order number for split orders effects each of us in slightly different ways. But the bottom line is that it's absurd to have shipments (split orders) without unique IDs. It's kind of a fundamental concept in data science, that everything is supposed to have a unique ID and this v3 is a textbook illustration of why!


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And as usual all we're doing is chasing this basic functionality that existed in V2 for years.  They have the previous code!  We're not asking them to invent anything new!  I just cannot understand the complete lack of interest from Shipstation in fixing these problems.