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Hopefully the ShipStation team members will actually read these posts and legitimately consider the thoughts and concerns of the users. Remember, WE are the reason you were even able to create this new layout. The new layout is ridiculously slow. This is a shared concern amongst most of, if not all of the community. The UI is clunky and doesn't offer any safety nets in terms of shipping or re-shipping a product. Something returned to you because of an invalid address? Good luck shipping it back out again because the new layout doesn't offer the ability to ship again on an order, and the "create another shipment" button works maybe  10% of the time. Want to reorganize the columns so you can see all the important information without scrolling over? Nope, wont remember your preferences. 


The age-old saying of "if it isn't broke, don't fix it" has never resonated with a group of people than it has now.


"No comments with the end goal to revert to the Legacy format" then what's even the point of having a new layout discussion board? The quickest way to lose a userbase is to actively silence topics that you know  people are going to be talking about. For a company based out of Texas of all places, it's surprising to see freedom of speech being limited.


You couldn't have said it any better! 


It's clear Shipstation is not listening to users. It's been a week of hell trying to use V3 and not a single peep from Shipstation to improve the situation. 

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"Ridiculously slow" is the operative phrase.    I timed how long it takes from when you click the print label button until the print preview pop-up screen appears for the label...  38 seconds!    Thank God they didn't roll this out during the holiday rush or I'd be pulling my hair out.

Status changed to: Investigating