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First-timer (legacy)
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We have multiple users on SS and some users use the Verify All button when a barcode does not scan which can then lead to the user putting the wrong item in the box just because it "looks right" We would like the ability to disable the Verify All button for certain users or for a pin prompt for a manager to check and confirm with an audit trail of who verified it. It would be even better if when the wrong item is scanned the inventory page for that SKU pops up for the user so it can be maintained with the correct barcode, and then an auto email sent to relevant staff that the barcode has changed from X to Y so they can then update the stores.
First-timer (legacy)
We have scan to verify set up, but if something is not scanning properly (the wrong product is selected) this can be overridden. Is there a way that the override button can only be used with a pin (i.e. so that only managers can use this, rather than anyone packing an order)? We have had the issue where the packers have overridden themselves and therefore been able to put a wrong item in the order and continue. We want to ensure if an error is flagged that a manager has to check it’s been corrected before overriding.
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We urgently need this feature