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Hello all. We have been using shipstation for a few years now, and way back when we used we always had an address book that we could save repeat customers addresses to. Since using shipstation, we don't have this feature, but it would be a great idea.

We not only ship e-commerce, we ship from counter sales, and phone calls of customers needing items shipped. We also ship to alot of other businesses repeatedly and we are always having to copy and paste the address into manual orders. Have a drop down menu and being able to select saved addresses would be a game changer not only for shipstation, but other shippers like myself who use this platform every single day. 

It would be a great addition to the best shipping software around, and it would save everyone the hassle of copying and pasting addresses over and over. 

Make it happen shipstation! address address bookthe perfect place to implement an address book on shipstationthe perfect place to implement an address book on shipstation