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Apparently the printing order of orders scanned into a batch was CHANGED to print in Order# order rather than the order in which the items were scanned into the batch. This is a HUGE problem, negating our ability to utilize the batch function for our workflow. We have stacks of boxes with an Order# barcode on them (each box a unique order, with different contents, but ALL in USPS Small Flat-Rate boxes), which up until today we have done the following with:

  • Scan to a batch
  • Apply a shipping pre-set to the batch to set the USPS carrier, Small flat-rate box, and shipping weight generic 2 lbs.
  • Print the labels for the batch, which print out in the order they were scanned into the batch, so we can then go back and apply the labels to the boxes in the same order they are stacked.

As of today, the batches print out in Order# order instead of the order they boxes were scanned, so there's now way for us to easily match them back up to the boxes, they're all out of order. We need this changed back to the way it was, or a printing order option added to the batch print so select either print by Order# or the order that items were scanned to the batch.