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We would like to prevent a specific user from making orders that are from certain Stores.

Right now, a user can make a New Order, select an incorrect "Store", then "Configure Shipment" for the order. Since the Configure Shipment window opens automatically after making the order, this user can even select an incorrect "Ship From" location and generate a label. 

This completely sidesteps the user restriction "Restrict this user to only see orders/shipments assigned to them".

We have an automation rule that automatically assigns orders from a certain Store to this user, but since the process automatically proceeds to the Configure Shipment page, the user can completely bypass this automation rule and make shipments for an order that isn't assigned to them.

This automation rule does apply correctly if the Configure Shipment window is closed after making the order. If the order is made for an incorrect Store, the order disappears for the user (intended interaction), and if the Configure Shipment window is closed on an order for the correct Store, the user can still see the order. 

Our goal is to allow a user to make a New Order (manual) and only allow them to ship from a single Store, and a single Ship From location.