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Occasional Contributor
Status: New

This was a feature before the new layout took effect and is a requirement to have to function efficiently.

Having the ability to edit customer's info such as phone numbers & email addresses on shipped orders is a must-have. To many times either the customer or shipee transposes data leads to customers not getting their tracking info. 

This is a simple but most useful feature and I'm unsure on why  it was removed.

Occasional Contributor

I second this - this has happened a few times with our ecommerce store. I customer types their email in incorrectly and then doesn't receive any of the shipment or tracking info. I don't find out until after the shipment has been completed and only through my email management system (Klaviyo) when they enter a new customer flow and the email bounces. Why isn't shipstation telling me the email bounced? 

I can easily make the change to the customer information in WooCommerce and they even have an option to resend the order notification so I can ensure the customer receives the relevant emails. This seems like pretty basic functionality that should be available in ShipStation.

And when I asked support where to edit the email of the customer they told me it wasn't possible and this is the frankly inane suggestion I received "I would like to suggest also next time when you process the order kindly double-check the email of the customer so that they will be notified about the shipment and tracking status."

OK so I'm supposed to look at every order as it comes in and call the customer to doublecheck their email address BEFORE I ship their order? Because remember, I may not have their correct email address. All the while telling the warehouse guys in another state not to ship the order until I get confirmation and wait for me to contact them (how?) once I have said confirmation? This will delay shipment on orders and piss people off. I would respectfully "like to suggest" you don't suggest anything when you have no idea how an ecommerce business works.

Occasional Contributor

After contacting support for this past issue- they were able to correct the customer info on the backend. Save us and the Shipstation Support Team some time and bring this feature back. I was also recommended by the Support Team to add this suggestion... have yet to hear any response from anyone at Shipstation.