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We often use the "Order Returns" feature to leave comments and notes on why a customer is returning a particular order. 


When using this feature, you are currently required to process a return label. For our business, we often do not provide return labels, so having to do this can be costly and inefficient to us. 


We currently have to process return labels when utilizing this feature and in an effort to prevent our customer's from receiving those return labels, we have to remember to change the bullet towards the bottom from "Email label" to "Download label now". The only way we can ensure a customer does not receive a free return label in error is to change the bullet to "Download label now" which can be easily missed or forgotten. 


A return within "Order Returns" cannot be done, completed, or saved unless a label is generated. 


Ultimately, we would love if ShipStation could allow us to complete and save a return within "Order Returns" without having to process a return label.