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While the autocorrect address is often very useful, we have had several instances where ShipStation autocorrected an address (e.g. removed "North") from the street name and we ended up shipping to the wrong address without realizing the change.


These mistakes can be costly, and it would be good to have a mechanism for avoiding such mistakes without having to manually click "Revert" on each address to compare the old/new. Currently, the green icon "Address Validated" is misleading in such situations... A couple suggestions on improving the user experience:


- Show a different colored icon if the address was materially changed that gives a visual warning clue that something may need to be double checked. E.g. the insertion or removal of a significant word in the address, change in city, etc.

- Provide an easy way of quickly comparing old and new addresses without having to scroll all the way down to the Activity Log which usually has a bunch of stuff and is not that readable. E.g. show both addresses or allow quick comparison if you hover over the address / address validation icon.

- Allow turning off address correction on a per-address basis. Some addresses are perpetually invalid in the USPS database and lead to repeated errors with repeat orders. If it's not possible to get the database updated, it would be good to be able to block the changes from the ShipStation side to those specific addresses.