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I've seen similar posts for years , but I'm really hoping to boost some interest in this topic here as it seems to continue to be an issue for shipstation users. 

Adding a restriction to hide product & total prices by user would be highly beneficial to our business. We have a user account set up for our fulfillment center but this gives them access to our customer list, unit prices and order totals ultimately giving them the ability to beat our prices and act as a competitor or raise the prices on us for fulfillment as we increase our prices to keep up with material cost increases. 

Admin users should be able to view pricing and order total information but users at the warehouse or fulfillment level should only see SKUs, Quantities and shipping information. No prices or order totals should be accessible for warehouse employees as they are only responsible for picking, packing and shipping. 

We're really hoping this can be resolved because we're a small business and each time we raise our prices to keep up with labor and material cost increases our fulfillment center sees that we've increased our prices and they send us a price increase for the same percentage and around and around it goes. 

Hoping to get some interest here. I spoke to customer service and so far there is no answer for this and they directed us here.