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Okay so the problem was resolved as best as tech support could help. But while working together it was clear there was an embarrassing limitation to the search functionality, 


It appears for orders awaiting shipment for over 6/ months no longer show up in basic search. The only way to access these orders it through the advanced search functionality. There should be a way to allow basic search to processes all of our orders don't ya think?

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New Contributor

@Moderator-Davis just wondering, what does this mean?

Howdy @mco


As part of migrating ideas to this new platform, we are currently doing a full review to ensure ideas are in the correct status. For some ideas, progress has been made and we are updating the status accordingly. In other cases, we need to resave the current idea status so it triggers automation that allows the conversation to flow into our moderator dashboards. Ideas that remain in the same status do not currently have any updates to report. Thanks for your patience while we improve our backend processes!