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It would be very helpful feature to be able to proactively and automatically reach out to the customer right after the first attempted delivery by the carrier. Quite often customers don't understand that they can redirect the shipment or mark it as 'hold at the location' and these shipments are being returned to sender. Shipstation already monitors for delivery exceptions so I the software could intercept the first "delivery attempt" event for each carrier and then automatically send the templated message to the customer with let's say all the instructions how to properly receive it, that would be of a great help to us, senders. There's already a section in the store configuration about sending email templates that could be upgraded for that option. Another approach would be to build it around the automation rules maybe so more conditions and actions could be configured by the user. This will require though for the automation rules not to only monitor new orders, but also all the shipments tracking information changes (until they get delivered). Another places where it could be implemented is with Zapier or Webhook integrations. Basically checking for the first failed delivery attempt to trigger the proper integration. There's a big potential there.