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Once items have been verified from the "Scan to Verify & Print" screen, allow that visibility throughout the whole platform. If items have been verified but the label has not been created, once you exit the "Scan to Verify & Print" screen, it does not show the products were verified if you search for the order instead of scanning the packing slip barcode. Also, allow visibility once the order has shipped. If a customer says they are missing items, you can quickly check to see if it was verified before shipping.
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I was realizing today during our cyber week rush that it would be very helpful to easily see which orders were verified, and which ones weren't.


Here are the times this would be helpful:

1) To scan down the list of unshipped orders and see which ones are Not Verified, Partially Verified, or Fully Verified

2) When we finish shipping and have extra product on the prep table from the pick list.  It would be good to see which orders were not fully verified to check first in case they are missing items

3) When customers say they didn't receive part of their order--to go back and see if their order was shipped with scan to verify or not

It also would be great to log who did the verification on each order.  Either by username, or with a scannable barcode of their employee ID