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Dear ShipStation Developer Team!
We kindly ask you to consider implementing a system for transferring transparency codes to Amazon. This functionality is vital for our business, since our sales volumes are huge and the automation of such a system will significantly reduce the burden on the manual labor of IT support staff and warehouse workers. Our employees have to manually use 3 services at the same time to upload T-codes to ASC. Amazon is very attentive to this process and in case of failure for various reasons - from the human factor to the error of our or Amazon's systems - we have the consequences in the form of complaints about distrust of the origin of our goods. We have never sold counterfeit goods and always work only with trusted suppliers. However, complaints of this kind hit hard on the quality of the business:
1) the listing becomes unavailable for sale
2) a huge amount of time is spent to appeal to Amazon and prove our innocence
Implementing ShipStation Transparency Code system will help in the following ways:
1) Our employees in the warehouse will use less services ath same time, which will reduce the impact of the human factor
2) The number of complaints from Amazon will decrease, which will positively affect the growth of the business and the mental state of employees dealing with complaints from Amazon
Some statistics for the last year:
- We receive about 200+ complaints a year for the sale of allegedly counterfeit products, 40% of which are due to transparency codes transmitting failure. Dealing with some complaints can take from 2 weeks to months contant working.
We urge that ShipStation add the ability for merchants to upload transparency codes and send them to Amazon with their order automatically.
Many thanks from Gritr/Weby IT Support Team. We are looking forward to your answer. Have a good one!