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Looks like update only.  Why is there no add product, in the API?


Howdy @doug4


I absolutely see why adding product directly in the API would be a desirable change. I'll move this over to our ideas section so that other terrific community members like you can vote on it and show interest for future implementation! 


Yes! Add product via API is essential. There is a weird quirk with the shipstation api that does not allow an order to be updated with product information unless the product contained the information before the order was created. But the only way to create a product in shipstation (besides manually or using csv) is to let it be created by the order. @Moderators-Davis, would you kindly link to your idea thread? I would like to upvote so I can stop taking crazy pills.

hey there @tristan


The post has been moved already so you can "kudo" this post directly to vote 🙂 


Happy Shipping! 

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I am surprised this capability is not already present. Right now we are required to do a manual export of a spreadsheet and import into ShipStation, which is so antiquated and introduces more potential for human error. We really need the API to allow our system to create new products directly!