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Status: New

Currently, if the device running the ShipStation Connect software is slept or turned off then if someone on ShipStation sends a print label request it just dissappears.


Would it be possible to configure the ShipStation Connect system to send to a server queue first, just in case the device running Connect locally is turned off, or offline? I would say the process is currently:

Client --> Device hosting Connect

But if this device is offline or slept, the Client print request simply dissappears. If I turn the device hosting connect locally, back on or wake it from sleep, there are no requests.


Having it go:

Client --> ShipStation Server Queue --> Device hosting Connect (only sent when it is online)

And holding in the server queue until the device running connect locally is online would be better, as no print requests are 'lost'.


Now this does bring in a problems.

Reliance on the cloud to operate.

And I have considered alternatives:

Could just run a low powered pc 24/7

Or just only print WHEN the device is online.


.... but I  was just wondering if this could be an option in settings or potentialy looked into for some other options.