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Develop to support using 4 x 4 labels
First-timer (legacy)
Hi, We currently use DPD as we were doing international shipping and are happy with their rates. Their printer only prints 4 x 4 labels which the barcode scanner is setup to read throughout the parcel's journey. I've just been in touch with your help desk and they said you only support 4x6 and 8x11, is there any way you can get 4x4 as one of the settings? Many thanks
First-timer (legacy)
Implement a 4x4 label format as currently anyone using DPD can't print via ShipStation. DPD only use this size and they provide free labels and printers so no brainer!
First-timer (legacy)
Yes this would be a very handy option to have for all DPD customers! Would be great if this can be added by the developers.
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