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V3 is missing functionality from V2 to print batches and mark them printed directly from the processed batches list. We process batches in one physical location and then print them and track the print status in another physical location. V2 works great because we have a list of processed batches and can print them and mark them printed easily from the processed list. V3 is missing the options to print various documents for a batch from the batch list page - V3 is also missing a column for the printed date.









Hello there @don9


Thank you for posting in the community and bringing this to our attention!


I followed up with my team and they confirmed for me that we are certainly working on the batches area! There is not an ETA at this time, but this feedback has been brought directly to that team 🙂 


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Hi @Moderator-Davis ,


That is great to hear. This is a big roadblock for us in moving to V3, so we are very eager to get the V2 capabilities back and make the migration! Thank you!