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First-timer (legacy)
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Print two packing slips for a batch of orders at once. One packing slip should be printed sales order amount, a second packing slip should be printed without the sales order amount. We currently are only able to print one packing slip in a batch (with sales order amount). The second batch (without without sales orders amount) has to be printed one order at a time.
First-timer (legacy)
Printing two different slips at one time would also be useful for us. Since we have a variety of items, we do not know the weight and size of the package until after it is packed. One of the slips is used to record that information so we can generate a label. It would be useful to have designated spaces for that information as well as the initials of the packer. In addition, we screen print many items. It would be useful for us to make a record of ink color, screens, etc on the form.
Status changed to: No status