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Yesterday we have been using the redesigned ShipStation and have a need to print a UPS control log and that function appears to have been eliminated with the new design. Previously, we would click on "print" from the order summary and then select "Other" or it may have said "Other Documents" and it would generate a UPS Control Log for us to print. We've searched the new layout and cannot find where to do this. Support case open since Yesterday. Has anyone found a way to print UPS control logs for high value shipments?


This new change has entirely messed up our shipping as we ship mostly high value packages. Previously, you were able to access this through going to the old layout but that function is now gone. The only other way I have found to access the shipping insurance documents is to process the orders through a batch. But there is NO WAY to retrieve the insurance documents after that. PLEASE FIX THIS SHIPSTATION


From support


Thanks for that moment. So you'll first go to the Shipments tab > click the Columns button on the top right of the screen > add the "Forms" colum > search for the shipment you want the report for > scroll horizontally> click the form Icon under form columns. Then generate the report from there