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Closing Account


Anyone know how do I go about closing my account?  I could never find the right question so that the robot chatbot would give me direction.  I emailed Shipstation at the only address I had (from the welcome messages) and received a reply that they had received my message, however, today my account was charged for another month.  

The program had stopped importing my ebay sales early this week - although now it has begun again.  I am absolutely frustrated with the customer "support" provided by Shipstation.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Clark, 


I apologize for the difficulty you had trying to find out how to close your ShipStation account. You can definitely cancel your account at any time. Just go to Settings > Account > Subscription and there is a "Cancel your subscription here" option.


Our Subscription help article also includes details on how to do this and what happens after you cancel, for more details.

Sarah H.
Austin, Tx