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Many companies ship items with Lithium ion batteries now and the regulations around them are annoying to say the least. While shipping ground in the domestically within the continental US is fairly straightforward, when these types of packages go internationally or by air the labeling and document requirements are more involved. My request is more integrated support for Class 9 Dangerous Goods. It is definitely possible to ship these through standard carriers (UPS, Fedex, etc) but there is some additional labels and paperwork that are required. I know UPS now has API integrations for the DG paperwork now. Any level of support for these types of shipments would be much appreciated and would tip the scale for us to utilize Shipstation.
First-timer (legacy)
More of our products have small lithium ion batteries. We will not be able to use ShipStation if we have to move back and forth between shipping platforms.
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We are also in the electric bicycle business and second this motion! There are more and more industries switching to products with large lithium batteries in them and the requirement for Class9 DG shipment handling is only going to increase. We were really hoping to consolidate all of our shipping processes with ShipStation but the lack of DG capabilities is going to be a headache, as about 1/4 of our orders include large lithium batteries.
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sometimes we ship small keychain products with 1 single lithium battery stored inside each product, please add a box to check-mark when shipping products with lithium batteries contained inside. thank you
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Can you add an option to select Dangerous goods for UPS, Fedex, and Canpar. Thank you Leon
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