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My company sells perishable items in addition to non-perishable items, and in almost all cases, they are ordering these things together. Currently, we are manually splitting each order (THOUSANDS) to separate them out so that we can ship the perishables via 2 day and the remainder of the order via ground.


One solution is for automatic splits. I know this is currently being developed. I hope we have a very robust rule set to work from-  current automation rules are almost there; Not being able to specify multiple skus forces us to use product tags for automation, and that makes tags useless to us for anything other than automation rules since there's so many per order.


Another solution is translation of data from 3rd party integrators. For example, ShipperHQ will automatically split shipments based on origin, with settings for fewest shipments and closest origin, etc. This data is sent to ShipStation, and is visible in ShipStation if you turn on ShipperHQ's Insights after integrating. Since this data is standardized, it could be interpreted by SS and applied against orders to split out shipments matching what ShipperHQ calculated/quoted. This way, I could set up a second origin as a virtual warehouse, and include all the goods I'd like to ship together as shipping from that origin. Make sense?

Anyhow, I've probably spent about 9 hours trying to figure out a solution that will automatically split out the set of skus that need to ship expedited from the ones that are standard. Really frustrating.