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We use Shopify and offer a gift message option at check out. The gift message shows up as a "Note from Buyer" in ShipStation. In order for the gift message to show up on the packing slip for the recipient, we have to manually copy and paste it from the "Note from Buyer" field into the "Gift Message" field. It would save a lot of time, and the possibility of missing a gift message, if we could get it automatically coded to go into that field on ShipStation. 


Hey there @kaylalynn02


I definitely see why this would be a desirable change for the shopify integration. I'll move this over to our ideas section so that other community members can show their support with kudos! 🙂 


This is a huge issue for us in both Shopify and Etsy. Gift messages on Etsy are totally lost.

As a new user, I've been consistency floored by the lack of features that make it impossible for our team to use Shipstation as a one stop shop. If our team has to go back into Etsy to print labels for gift messages, we loose the efficiency of Shipstation when it comes to collating packing slips with shipping labels as well as the simplicity (and security) of our team working in one program. 

We hope these challenges will be escalated. Thank you.

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Offering a seamless way to print shipping labels and associated gift messages would improve the usability of Shipstation tremendously.  (We use Shopify as our ecommerce platform)


Why don't you just edit your packing slip template so that it prints out what is already in the "Note from Buyer" field? That's what we have currently.