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Lasership integration is said to be live, but does not work for all accounts. I have had a support ticket open and been following up on it for 10+ months. Latest information from Lasership team is as follows. Shipstation not being properly integrated with Lasership is costing our small, growing business over 20 hours in labor on a weekly basis to manually match up packing slips. Please upvote if you're having a similar experience with this integration!

Shipstation is currently set up with LaserShip API, but this is an old version which will be deprecated at the end of 2022. In order for anyone to move forward with LaserShip they will need to be on our current WS. LaserShip has reached out to ShipStation to alert them of the need for the update and certified module, but that project has not progressed. This would be a project between ShipStation and LaserShip and we would need ShipStation to initiate the project.