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The problem here is that Shipstation is not updating Shopify in a proper way so that Shopify can send additional ship notifications to customers on new shipments beyond the original shipment. Meaning: 1. if a label is voided, not only does the customer not get a notification that the label was voided, but they don't get a notification of the new label's tracking number; and 2. if no label is voided but a new label is created (example, sending a new shipment for a replacement item sent out due to damage upon delivery or defect or lost in shipping, etc.), then same problem as #1. 
This can't be the way the integration to Shopify was designed. This is completely unacceptable and makes Shipstation and Shopify unusable together. We are getting massive numbers of customer service emails with confusion as to why their tracking numbers are showing canceled because they aren't getting the new tracking notifications on the new labels. 
Shopify has confirmed that in these two scenarios mentioned above, Shipstation is sending the new tracking details to the notes section of the order in Shopify, which does not send notifications to the customer from Shopify's end. The data needs to be sent to the order level, the same level that Shipstation sends the original tracking info to. It just needs to go to the same place every time so that Shopify is able to notify the customer of all new updates. 
This is business critical. Shipstation to Shopify integration is unusable without this. 
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Same crap over here. We void a label, and shipstation sends the voided tracking number to Shopify, which the customer then receives. They click to track and it USPS or whatever says the label was cancelled. Just got accused of trying to scam on a multi thousand dollar order.


Shipstation support has the gall to tell me that is working as intended. INTENDED???  


If that is as intended they have no business running software like this. There is absolutely zero use case for sending a VOIDED tracking number. 


The only thing they could do is send me to this thread so I could give it a thumbs up and they would "consider": making the change in the future.


This is bush league crap. I'm looking for another shipping solution as fast as I can.

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Would also LOVE to see this feature in the future, thank you!