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Dear Shipstation support,
I cooperated with a large WordPress plugin developer Villatheme and they added WooCommerce Orders Tracking Premium integration of ShipStation plugin especially for us.
There was no WordPress plugin that had a full-fledged integration of your service, which allows you to automatically attach a tracking number to the order, update the status, send SMS and emails accordingly and automatically change the status of the order in WordPress when they are delivered.
This is a lot more customization than you have on the platform, so it's important to us.
So far this is only available in our version of the plugin that we are testing, but if everything goes well I think they will add it in their updated version.
As a marketer, I understand that this type of integration and solutions are very useful for your business.


However, we still have a problem with the notes your plugin leaves to customers. They developed a function to completely disable the sending of client notes, but we use them and this is not a solution that suits us.
That is why I am writing to you again.
The problem is that your plugin integration always leaves the note in the order as a note for the customer, not an internal comment. It is interesting that if the shipment is canceled and a new one is made, the next tracking info note is internal and is not automatically sent to the client.


The notes left by your plugin are incorrect because, for orders sent without a tracking number, it says: "Items shipped via USPS on August 31, 2023 with tracking number (Shipstation)." 

This confuses customers and they report that we forg ot to provide them with a track number that was not included in their order. All because of the formation that this note leaves.


Instead, we have configured, thanks to the WooCommerce Orders Tracking Premium plugin, that the client receives a complete letter with the correct subject, text and a clickable tracking number.



The problem is that we can't disable shipstation notes for a customer leaving the plugin without banning woocommerce from sending such notes altogether.
I ask that you add an option for the customer to specify whether they want to receive this note as an internal note or as a note to a client with an automated email.
I am sure that it will be useful not only for our business but will have a positive effect on your customers who use woocommerce.
Occasional Contributor

Wow kudos to you for sharing this information and taking the initiative to work with a developer to leverage it to your needs. This all sounds like something we would like to take advantage of aswell. So please keep us updated. Its sad tho that shipstation doesnt ever seem to have the motivation to improve, especially improve by integrating its customers requests. I dont see SS working with you on this based on the past things that we have requested.  But im rooting for ya! 


Also I had no idea that tracking numbers for corrected labels go into woo as a internal note. So that means the customer only gets the first tracking number? which indicates a cancelled shipment?

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Right, the client got only the first tracking number.

Another problem is an e-mail like "1 shipped via USPS on October 13, 2023 with tracking number ." when it was shipped without a tracking number. It confuses clients a lot