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When using calculated checkout rates on Shopify, ShipStation adds a transit time visible to the customer that is mostly wrong. For example, for UPS 2nd Air it shows "3 business days". When using GlobalPost to Canada it shows 8 days when it routinely takes well over 2 weeks. I've raised the issue with support but nothing happens. Let us opt out of this erroneous transit time message or fix the transit times.

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I know this is an old post, but I'm glad to find someone else is encountering the same issue I have. 

I went around in circles between ShipStation and Shopify support, with a total of 4 attempts between the two, and each time interaction ended with the support agent blaming the other service for the inaccurate display of information. Shopify claims all of the shipping details are generated as part of the rate request to ShipStation, and they are the ones who are giving incorrect transit time details (which makes sense). ShipStation support has told me that they do not send estimated transit times as part of their return to Shopify when a rate request is made, and that it must be a Shopify setting that is at fault (citing processing time as the culprit).

Unfortunately, I don't believe we, as end-users, have the ability to look at the back-end and see who is actually creating that piece of data. I find it extremely frustrating that both services can just point the finger back at the other and call it a day. At what point do we get the two companies talking to each other, to take ownership of this piece of information? 



Hello Ughlee!


Thank you for your post! I understand how frustrating it can be to bounce around from vendor to vendor. We value you and want to see if we can conclude what is happening. We will have an agent contact you shortly to determine what we can do


Thank you again, and have an excellent rest of your day!