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I would like to see the implementation of the "Direct Delivery" option for UPS packages, which restricts delivery only to the address we ship to and doesn't allow recipients to re-direct the delivery of packages. This is essential for fraud protection.
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Agreed, UPS Access points are being used to defraud the online sellers. When a customer is not there to sign for the package, the item is sent to a nearby access point. Customers complain to Amazon, receive a refund because the item technical was not delivered and then the customer picks it up at the access point, received a refund and the item, the seller is holding an empty bag. The only way to avoid this is to utilize DDO option, unfortunately Shipstation has the ability to offer this option, but doesn't.
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Please integrate this into the system. There has been a large uptick in advanced identity theft fraud causing packages to be re-directed without authorization. We will be using shipstation a lot less in the near future without this option being enable.
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DJI's comments about using an Access Point for fraud have become more prevalent in the intervening months. Added to this misery is that not all Access Points are UPS Stores/CS centers - they have outsourced it to other retailers who are less than capable of doing this properly:
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I also would like this. I reached out to customer support about this and they suggest that I make a post on this forum regarding this issue. Since this post is almost 4 years old, that does not seem very promising.